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Because of Saboten

“Black Pepper & Cheese stuffed Pork Roll Katsu Set” Enjoy this hot and spicy cutlet. “Rei Shabu Set” Our famous set is a light and refreshing recipe for a hot summer.

What’s New

  • June 2018 “Black Pepper & Cheese stuffed Pork Roll Katsu Set”
    This pork cutlet with coarsely ground spicy black pepper and mild cheese filling is great with rice and an ice cold beer.
  • June 2018 “Rei Shabu Set”
    Our famous cold Shabu-Shabu recipe is made with our select Sangen-Mugibuta pork. This refreshing and healthy dish will whet your appetite for the hot summer season.
  • June 2018 “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu Set”
    Our select brand pork series is here. A thick cut pork loin cutlet from Yamagata, raised from a high quality snow water in a rich nature setting. You will enjoy its tenderness and natural sweetness.

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