• Saboten

    Delicious Tonkatsu
    is Saboten

  • Saboten Delica

    Tonkatsu Deli
    in Town

  • Shahoden

    Seasonal Harvest

  • Rico

    Eat up
    exotic Spain!

  • Shian-gyoza

    The Health-conscious
    Chinese Diner

  • Kayu-San-Chin

    The Healthy Food

  • Katsu-sai

    Power of

  • Italian

    Cozy and casual
    but fully

  • Ganrikiya

    The energy to get
    a hustle on!

  • UDON Tsurukoshi

    “Al dente”

  • Katsu-sho

    Quality Ingredients
    Succeeded Skill


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New Arrivals

  • Saboten DelicaJune “Fries To Go”Saboten DelicaJune 2018
    “Aji-fry” Our horse mackerel fillet cutlet is harvested from Goto Islands, Nagasaki. “Ebi-Katsu” Your favorite summer shrimp cutlet has returned. “Pork Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Shogayaki Seasoned Filling” Rice is an absolutely great side for this cutlet. “Edamame Korokke” A delicious tidbit to enjoy with your favorite drinks. “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu” Our famous brand pork series is here. A pork loin cutlet from Yamagata that is raised with high quality snow water in a rich nature setting. “Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Asparagus & Cheese Filling” Asparagus is in season, so enjoy its crisp texture in this roll.
  • Saboten“June’s Featured Entreés”SabotenJune 2018
    “Black Pepper & Cheese stuffed Pork Roll Katsu Set” Enjoy this hot and spicy cutlet. “Rei Shabu Set” Our famous set is a light and refreshing recipe for a hot summer. “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu Set” Introducing our new select brand pork loin cutlet.

Little Chef

Little Chef

“Little Chef” is the program by Green House Foods to provide the chances and premises for kids who want to challenge to cooking by themselves and mothers who want to support them. Make your dream come true at “Little Chef”…

SabotenTV Commercial

Saboten TV Commercial

Saboten’s first Commercial was broadcasted on TV in 2007, Saboten’s 41st year in business.