• Saboten

    Delicious Tonkatsu
    is Saboten

  • Saboten Delica

    Tonkatsu Deli
    in Town

  • Shahoden

    Seasonal Harvest

  • Rico

    Eat up
    exotic Spain!

  • Shian-gyoza

    The Health-conscious
    Chinese Diner


    Authentic Chinese Casual Dining

  • Kayu-San-Chin

    The Healthy Food

  • Katsu-sai

    Power of

  • Italian

    Cozy and casual
    but fully

  • Ganrikiya

    The energy to get
    a hustle on!

  • UDON Tsurukoshi

    “Al dente”

  • Katsu-sho

    Quality Ingredients
    Succeeded Skill


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New Arrivals

  • Saboten DelicaOctober “Fries To Go”Saboten DelicaOct. 2018
    “Yuzukosho Chicken Katsu” A moist and tender chicken cutlet seasoned from the spicy and tangy citrus flavors of Yuzukosho paste. “Pork Roll-Katsu with Mentai & Cheese” A pork roll cutlet with the famous “Kanefuku” brand spicy mentaiko and cheese filling. “Kuri Kabocha & 3-Cheese Korokke” A mashed kabocha squash croquet blended with a rich 3-cheese filling. Try this sweet natural taste! “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu” A Yamagata grown tender pork loin cutlet has a full Umami taste.
  • Saboten“October’s Featured Entreés”SabotenOct. 2018
    “Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Gobo, Kujo Scallion and Miso Filling Set” Proudly introducing our new pork roll cutlet! This taste of fall goes great with rice. “Waton Mochibuta Pork Rohsu-Katsu Set” Saboten brand pork series is here. Enjoy this thick cut pork loin cutlet.