Privacy Policy

Greenhouse Foods Co., Ltd. and the related companies (hereinafter referred to as “our group”) observe Japan’s Private Information Protection Law and related laws and ordinances, and will try for enforcement and management of appropriate personal information protection based on the following group policies. In addition, our group carries out the group policy continuously and maintain it and will perform the review of the concrete action, improvement.

Collection and the use of the personal information

Our group may ask for an offer of the personal information of our customer in the form of questionnaires for the improvement of the service. On this occasion, we shall collect the personal information of our customer after having obtained its consent, and state the use purpose clearly beforehand, and within the objective range, we will use the personal information of our customer.

Protection of personal information

Our group shall not disclose the personal information provided by our customer to a third party without obtaining the customer’s consent. However, please understand that we may disclose the personal information without the agreement of our customer only when legal order is shown by the public institution such as the police and the court.

Business partners and consignments

In our group, some duties are performed by our business partners and consignments. About these business partners and consignments, we limit it to the company reliable enough in protection management administration of the personal information and, not to make any losing the trust of our customers, let them carry out appropriate management administration.

The prevention of personal information leaks

Our group take rational security measures to protect the personal information, and prevent unjust access, loss, destruction, manipulation and leak of the personal information. In addition, we take full dissemination to all our group employees of the importance and protection of the personal information.

Disclosure and correction of the personal information

Our group maintains the system to accept for requests such as disclosure, a correction, suspension, the deletion of the possessing personal data immediately in a rational range after having confirmed the identity of the person of the personal information.

Revision of this policy

This privacy policy may be revised without a notice to protect the personal information of our customers. The new policy shall be applied after such revision.

March 11, 2005
Green House Foods Co., Ltd.
Chiaki Tanuma