Enjoy a variety of tasty foods everyday!


  • Sangen-Mugibuta Rohsu-katsu (130g)

    Tender, tasty and downright juicy! (679kcal)

  • “Goku-Uma” Fried Chicken Marinated in Ginger & Soy Sauce (33g)

    Light and crispy fried chicken marinated in our special ginger-soy-sauce! (98kcal)

  • Hokkaido Croquette (45g)

    Kita-akari is a sweet and tasty potato from Hokkaido. (221kcal)

  • Fried Shrimp (25g)

    Enjoy the firm plump shrimp! (113kcal)

  • Bite-size Hire-katsu (30g)

    Small size of top-quality pork fillet-katsu. (107kcal)

  • Special Soft Hire-katsu (90g)

    Saboten’s most popular. (318kcal)

  • Crab-meat Cream Croquette (38g)

    A long-seller croquette of crab! (175kcal)

Party Platters

Bite size appetizers are a great idea for an office party as well as at home for many occasions.

  • Special Pack

    Great choice for a large party! (Total calories depends on the contents.)

  • Variety Pack

    Ordered for Birthday Parties and Mothers’ Meetings! (Total calories depends on the contents.)

  • Saboten Pack

    Great Assortment of your favorite classic cutlets! (Total calories depends on the contents.)


  • Saboten Bento

    A combination of fillet and pork Rohsu-katsu. (858kcal)

  • Mix Bento

    For a big-eyed gourmand! (793kcal)

  • Saboten Special Tender Hire-katsu Bento

    The best of Saboten! (767kcal)

  • Rohsu-Katsu & Karaage Bento

    Pork cutlet & Chicken nuggets combined for a large volume bento box. (833kcal)

  • Sangen-Mugibuta Rohsu-katsu Bento

    Juicy and tasty! (976kcal)

  • Ebi Hire Don

    Katsu-don of pork-fillet and shrimp. (710kcal)

  • Hire-katsu Don

    Saboten’s most popular Donburi! (704kcal)


  • Katsu-sandwich

    Saboten proudly presents the katsu-sandwich with special sauce and whole-grain mustard. (424kcal)

  • Ebi-katsu Sandwich

    The rich tartar sauce goes great with this fried-shrimp. (482kcal)

  • Cheese Mille-feuille Katsu-sandwich

    Katsu of layered thinly-sliced-loin and cheese dressed with teriyaki-sauce. (568kcal)

  • Menchi-katsu Sandwich

    Nostalgic juicy minced-meat katsu. (455kcal)

  • Katsu-musubi

    A small size katsu in a rice-ball (musubi). (417kcal/pack)

Calorie Display

The calorie data is cited from the STANDARD TABLES OF FOOD COMPOSITION IN JAPAN (Fifth Revised and Enlarged Edition by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology). The number is for reference only.
* The calories of the sauce (sesame, tartar, vinegar etc.) are not included in the displayed numbers.
* We only use Japanese domestic rice.