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We contribute to health through food

Practicing health management through food

Under the corporate motto of “Making others happy leads to our own prosperity.”, Green House Group aims to be a health-contributing company that supports your health.

Declaration as a health contributing company

In April 2016, in order to practice the health management of the Green House / Green House Foods Group, etc., we established a declaration as a health contributing company as follows “We realize the improvement of business results by raising productivity and making a workplace where employees can play an active role by improvement of employee health”. In order to put this into practice, we establish a Chief Health Officer (CHO) to proceed to improve the environment where employees can take the initiative in health promotion and to achieve health through food.

Promoting employee health by utilizing expertise

We execute health promoting events and seminars in which our employees can participate and enjoy, such as walking events and diet programs utilizing diet app / website “Asken” where know-how of over 2,000 registered and unregistered dietitians in out group are utilized.
Moreover, in order to promote health management integrated with work-style reform, we implement top management policies to reduce overtime work, promote the acquisition of paid leave, encourage health checkups, and make health enhancement a habit.

Holding health seminars by our group’s registered dietitians

Implementing diet programs for health enhancement regulaly.

Holding walking events for every year in which about 1,000 people in the group participate.

Coping with non-smoking support.

Activities centered on the Wellness Program Promotion Committee

In February 2018, the group including Green House Foods announced “Green House Group Work Style Reform Corporate Declaration (Wellness Program)”. Based on this, we have established a Wellness Program Promotion Committee headed by the president as a chairperson and health management/diversity promotion office as a bureau to proceed with concrete activities.

Green House Group work style reform corporate declaration

The Green House Group aims to be a “heath-contributor through food”.
We work on a “Wellness Program” throughout the company to maintain and improve employee health.
1. Thorough improvement of overtime work
2. Promotion of taking paid leave
3. 100% participation rate of health checkup
4. Making health promotion habits (anti-obesity / exercise / day off drinking / no smoking)
5. Health promoting events such as walking
6. Active utilization of “Asken” app

Wellness Program: Slogan

Let’s all work towards Wellness Being 2021 with joy.

We strive to create a work environment where all the employees encourage physical health management, feel less stressful, and focus on work in comfort.

“For the active lifestyle that health brings to the mind and body.”

With the promotion slogan “Wellness Being”, which is an effort that Green House Group suggests to our customers, we promote initiatives at each workplace with a focus on “health promotion manager” and “health promotion staff”.

Health promotion manager

The person in charge of promoting “Wellness Being” in each workplace. We hope that through the implementation of the wellness program, it will lead to increasing employee engagement for fun working environment.

Health promotion staff

The execution promoter who promotes “Wellness Being” in each workplace according to the health promotion manager.
He/she promotes programs for information transmission and achieving goals in each workplace by sharing information necessary for promoting business practice as a point of contact with Wellness Program Promotion Committee.



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