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Green House Group Environmental Policy

Basic philosophy

Green House Group operates businesses that are beneficial to society while working toward the development of local communities, the promotion of health, and the realization of rich natural environments. In addition, We will strive to be a corporate group that supports the health of our customers and employees through food. In our business activities, Green House Group will promote research and development initiatives so that we have less of a negative impact on the global natural environment, and engage in activities to improve the environment by conserving, reusing, and recycling resources.

Action guideline

Based on the above basic philosophy, we will recognize the environmental impacts that occur by our business activities and set and practice the following action guidelines.

  • We will obey the environmental laws and regulations of our business activities as well as other requirements agreed upon by our company, and cooperate with environmental protection and strive to prevent pollution.
  • We will set environmental targets for a sustainable society, work on the following items through business activities, review them regularly, and strive to continually improve the environmental burden.
    • We will strive to save energy and resources while promoting efficient operations of headquarters, offices, restaurants, and stores.
    • We will strive to effectively use food waste discharged from restaurants and stores, and aim to build a food recycling loop.
    • We will promote environmentally friendly store development, product development and distribution systems.
    • We will strive to improve customer satisfaction through providing meals considering health and safety.
  • We will continue to conduct environmental education / training and enlightenment activities in order for all employees to be able to share the awareness about environmental activities.
  • We will actively communicate with the outside by disclosing the policy externally.

April 1st, 2017
Green House Foods Co., Ltd.
President and CEO Chiaki Tanuma

Scope of application of ISO14001

All activities including the bureaus, sales offices, hotels, restaurants, delicatessens, service
areas, etc. operated by the Green House Group.

Green House Foods Headquarters Co., Ltd.
Green House Foods North Japan Office Co., Ltd.
Green House Foods Nagoya Office Co., Ltd.
Green House Foods Osaka Office Co., Ltd.
CANY Co., Ltd.
CANY Dangozaka Service Area Office Co., Ltd.

Activity content

Environmental Committee

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Innovation Plus One Contest

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“Green House Group Forest” afforestation activities

We donate seedlings to the forest in Kai city, Yamanashi prefecture, and cooperate in afforestation activities to protect the water source.

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