UDON Tsurukoshi

Self-service style restaurant with modern Japanese taste interior
where even a young lady can stop by casually to enjoy authentic Japanese Udon.

Glutinous and smooth texture of “Aged Tenobe-Udon Noodle” is handmade and comes to us straight from the well-known Town of Kamogata, Okayama. “Authentic Golden Dashi Broth” features our select ingredients of bonito and mackerel, as well as other varieties of our homemade “Creative Dashi Broth”.

Our unique Udon recipes come with fresh ingredients which we carefully select are also available. They include “Jinenjo”, which is a very gooey Japanese native wild yam, or farm fresh “Kiku-chan Family’s Eggs”. You will definitely enjoy these choices and their authentic taste.


Value Rice Selection Sets

Value Rice Selection Sets

Value sets are available in 4 regular sizes which are
“Plain Udon”, “Udon with Grated Radish”, “Cold Plain Udon” and “Pork Udon”.
You choose one Udon, then pick from our original rice varieties such as
“Rice Bowl with Minced Pork, Chicken and Soft-Boiled Egg”,
“Rice with Grated Wild Yam” or “Rice with Egg”.
You may also order these rice dishes a la carte.


Udon Tsurukoshi Shinjuku KEIO MALL

 Udon Tsurukoshi
Shinjuku KEIO MALL
Keio Mall Area A, South Exit Underground mall 1,
1 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku
Mon-Fri: 7:00 - 22:30 (LO 22:00)
Sat Sun Holidays: 9:00 - 22:30 (LO 22:00)
Open Daily (except closed day)

UDON Tsurukoshi Shinjuku keiomall