Professional taste in homey atmosphere

We strive to create a delicious and healthy menu,
and provide a cozy and comfortable dining environment just like dining at home.
Saboten is always particular about its service and specialty foods and ingredients.

Do you know our Surigoma sauce?

Do you know our Surigoma sauce?

Putting surigoma (ground sesame seeds) in Tonkatsu-sauce was originated by Saboten, and can now be seen at any Tonkatsu eatery. Our original Tonkatsu sauce is made from fresh vegetables harvested in the town of Furano, Hokkaido. The aroma of sesame brings out the flavor of Tonkatsu.

Enjoy our free refills

Enjoy our free refills

Saboten always takes the health of our patrons into consideration, and we design our menu with the concept of “eat together with vegetables” as an underlying theme. Enjoy our freshly-sliced cabbage as well as rice and miso-soup to your heart’s content.

Seeking cozy and homey service

Seeking cozy and homey service

We are seeking a totally at-home environment for our customers to dine at our restaurants. To satisfy various desires of people who go out to eat, Saboten collects requests and opinions from 600 monitors.

Security and Sanitation


Keeping the basic principles.

We are completely confident with our security and sanitation. We follow three basic principles to shut out germs and bacteria from our kitchen, so our customers can safely enjoy our foods. The principles are:

Three principles of Security and Sanitation

Shut out germs and bacteria

Always keeping the hands and linens clean as well as cooking equipment to prevent germs and bacteria from coming into contact with food.

Washing handsGroomingHealthcareProper handling of equipmentCleaning surroundings

Preventing bacteria breeding

To prevent bacteria from breeding, we keep foods and equipment at their proper temperatures.

Checking the temperature of refrigerators/freezersFirst-in first-out: Expiration date checkOil acid value check


We kill germs and bacteria through and through by heating, cleaning and/or sterilizing the cooking equipment and ingredients.

Strictly keeping the proper frying timeUsing Ozone water for cleaning