Saboten is particular about the ingredients it uses

As a food service company, we give serious consideration
health and security of our customers as well as environmental issues.
Following this policy, we strictly select our ingredients.



The efficacy of sesame is widely recognized from the ancient times. The antioxidant properties of sesamine have been attracting people’s attention recently. When sesame is mixed with Tonkatsu sauce, the nourishment balance is perfect.



As a result of trial and error to test their affinity with meat and oil, a specially made coarse breadcrumb was developed. The tonkatsu fried with this special breadcrumb has a nice crisp bite.



The reason why Saboten Tonkatsu is not fatty is that it is fried with 100% vegetable oil rich in oleic acid.


Miso (bean-paste)

We use miso fermented and matured only with bean-malt. The miso has a heavier body and richer flavor than the blended general miso.



The pork contains abundant protein and 10 times the vitamin B1 of beef. We use fillet and loin that is soft and full of flavor. The outcome is the addictively delicious Tonkatsu that tastes even better when eaten together with the sauce mixed with ground sesame seeds.



We have paid special attention to the rice we use since the establishment of our business. We have been building partnerships with 100% contracted farmers who understand our policy and concept. We maintain our own rice polishing plant, and taste test every day to ensure that only the rice that has passed our standards is delivered to our shops and restaurants.



We are proud of our sauce! Saboten’s original sauce is made with the base of tomato puree, apple, carrot and onion, and is blended with ten kinds of spices including cinnamon and nutmeg.

Innovation and Tradition

We continue to remain sensitive to the palates of our customers. We carefully carry on good recipes, and boldly change the things that can be better. Not to mention safety and security, we will continue to maintain the supply of healthy and tasty ingredients. That is our style.

Safe and Secure Pork with Perfect Traceability

Our pork is produced from pigs raised in a stress-free environment,
and consistently supervised from hog raising to processing and shipping.

From the label on the product, we can trace what feed the pig was given, where it was raised, and how it was processed and delivered to the shops or restaurants.



Ideal balance of oil for human health
Unbalanced intake of omega acids has a bad influence on the human body by losing the good balance of hormones and cholesterol. Kenbiton pork, Saboten’s special pork, that has the 4:1 omega balance, is therefore the ideal pork for the modern people.

* Reference: “The Japanese Nutritional Requirement and Meal Intake Standard (V.6)” by the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare.

Superior Food Security Backed-up by Traceability of the Products

Saboten Sangen Mugi-buta Pork is supplied from the ISO9001 authorized factory of KOWI company that employs HACCP. KOWI integrates the whole process of meat production from hog raising to cutting pork. They produce the original brand pork exclusively for Saboten under strict quality control and integrated administration with reliable traceability.

* Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCEP); is a system that identifies the dangerous points of all steps of production and processing to maintain the thorough management of food sanitation.
* ISO9001: one of the international standard about the quality control defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO).