June “Fries To Go”

“Aji-fry” Our horse mackerel fillet cutlet is harvested from Goto Islands, Nagasaki. “Ebi-Katsu” Your favorite summer shrimp cutlet has returned. “Pork Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Shogayaki Seasoned Filling” Rice is an absolutely great side for this cutlet. “Edamame Korokke” A delicious tidbit to enjoy with your favorite drinks. “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu” Our famous brand pork series is here. A pork loin cutlet from Yamagata that is raised with high quality snow water in a rich nature setting. “Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Asparagus & Cheese Filling” Asparagus is in season, so enjoy its crisp texture in this roll.