September “Fries To Go”

“Tokusen Samgen-Mugibuta Rohsu-Katsu” Our traditional Sangen-Mugibuta pork loin cutlet, a rich Umami is tucked in. This special offer “Buy 2 get ¥ 100 off” ends on September 30. “Mushroom Cream Korokke” Introducing our new recipe of mushroom cream croquet delivered with a full taste of the fall harvest. “Pork Roll-Katsu with Mentai & Cheese” A pork loin cutlet is stuffed with spicy mentaiko and a rich cheese, then rolled to perfection. Great as an appetizer or as an entree with rice. “Large Oyster Fry” Oyster season is here. Try our famous large fried oysters from Etajima, Hirosima.