“September Specials”

“Pork Roll-Katsu with Mentai & Cheese” Saboten selects a panko breaded “Sangen Mugibuta” pork loin cutlet stuffed then rolled with famous “Kanefuku” brand mentaiko-seasoned spicy cod roe and rich cheese. This goes great with rice for sure!
“Oyster Fry” A panko breaded big or jumbo oyster from Etajima city in Hiroshima, fried to a golden brown. Custardy and delicious! This fall special is now available for limited time only.
“Kuri Kabocha & 3 Cheese Korokke” A panko breaded mashed kuri kabocha – buttercup squash croquette filled with 3 cheese blend. Enjoy the natural sweetness and floury texture of Kabocha in season.