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Saboten is the Tonkatsu delicatessen
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“Saboten Shun-Sai Fair”

What’s New

  • Apr. 2018 “Rohsu Roll-Katsu with Asparagus & Cheese Filling”
    Our original brand “Sangen-Mugibuta” pork loin cutlet roll, combined with fresh picked asparagus and a rich cheddar cheese filling. Enjoy these “Shun” seasonal fresh vegetables with juicy “Umami” taste of meat.
  • May 2018 “Salmon, Fava Beans, and mild potato”
    Colorful potato croquette with pink color salmon and vivid green toasted fava beans will whet your appetite.
  • May 2018 “Domestic Sardine Menchi”
    Deep-fried minced sardine cutlet with mixed vegetables. You will enjoy its various textures of water chestnuts, carrots, burdocks and fluffy tofu.
  • May 2018 “Yamagata Pork Rohsu-Katsu”
    Our famous brand pork series is here. A pork loin cutlet from Yamagata that is raised with high quality snow water in a rich nature setting.

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