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    Please feel free to contact us for reservations and parties.

    • Although the information is updated occasionally, the service and the menu may slightly be different.
    • Barkley Voucher coupon is accepted only at Saboten Restaurants, and not accepted at Shinjuku Keio Location and Saboten Delica Locations.
    • JEF Groumet Card is not accepted at the following locations :
      Shinjuku Keio (Saboten Restaurant and Delica), NEOPASA Shizuoka SA inbound (Foodcourt Saboten, Shian-gyoza), EXPASA Ashigara SA outbound (Foodcourt Saboten), Takasaki APiTA (Saboten Delica), Nishiarai AEON (Saboten Delica), Hommoku AEON (Saboten Delica), Chofu PARCO (Saboten Delica), Tsuzuki Hankyu (Saboten Delica)
    • The menu may be different at each highway service area location.