Green House Group
Environmental Policies

Basic Philosophy

Green House Group works to benefit society and to pursue our efforts of overall community development and improvement of health, while protecting our precious environment. We also set our goals to be a company that contributes to the human health of both our customers and our employees through our food establishment.
In our business activities, we are dedicated to eco-friendly research and development, and also engage in environmental improvement activities by participating in recycling programs to limit the use of resources.

Guidelines for action

Based on the above basic philosophy, we recognize the environmental impact caused by our business activities and set our guidelines to conduct as follows:

  1. We comply with environmental regulations and other requirements which we agreed upon our business activities.
    We also cooperate in environmental protection and strive to prevent pollution.
  2. We set our environmental goals to pass down a sustainable society, engage the following targets through our business, conduct periodic checks and revisions, and strive to contribute to the continuous reduction of environmental burdens.
    1. We make efforts towards reducing energy usage and minimizing the use of resources by performing an efficient operation throughout our headquarters, offices, restaurants, and sales branches.
    2. At our retailers and sales branches, we effectively utilize food waste and aim to build the food recycling loop.
    3. We manage our restaurants, product development, and our logistic systems taking
      environmental protection into consideration.
    4. We strive to provide healthy and safe food throughout our business to increase our customers’ satisfaction.
  3. We share our environmental activities with all of our employees and perform continuous environmental education, training, and enlightenment activities for our team members.
  4. We disclose these policies to the public and positively communicate with outsiders.

April 1, 2017
Green House Foods Co., Ltd.
Chiaki Tanuma