The growth of our business is based on the continuing happiness of our customers.
There is nothing more wonderful for us than to be able to continually provide our customers with the best service possible.

In order to respond to an ever changing and increasingly dynamic environment that affects all industries, we are continually working to meet customers’ demands as the focus grows from quality and quantity to include personal health and well-being, food safety and environmental impact.

The satisfaction of our customers is reflected by the individual success and determination of our employees. Thus, we believe that in promoting the well being of our own employees helps in creating an extremely productive work environment, which leads to greater customer satisfaction overall.

Communication is a fundamental part of our business and at Green House Foods we believe that good communication is vital to our continued success. People are the most important aspect of our business and the relationships we build with our customers and our employees are the foundations of the trust we use to grow our business.

By continuously working to build good relationships with our customers and our employees, we have continued to create an atmosphere that allows us to grow in a manner that is beneficial to everyone involved.

One of the most vital elements of our society is the food service industry, which continues to create new venues and provide fruitful employment.

Our mission is to continually provide our customers with the satisfaction and enjoyment they have come to recognize as being an important part of the world we live in. We believe this is our number one priority.

Green House Foods Co., Ltd.
Chiaki Tanuma