In addition to various small dishes that you can casually pick from, we also offer perfect dishes that pair well with delicious wines such as uncured ham and juicy and savory meat dishes. You can also enjoy our special doughy raw pasta. We are a casual Italian restaurant with reasonable price with great deal combos.

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About Tanto Citta

Enjoy the great pairing of wine and special Italian cuisines in a casual way.

Because we try to keep Italian dining casual, our customers love coming here on a daily basis. Conveniently, it’s directly located to connect to Oimachi station. What about coming here after work or taking a break during shopping? We are ready to welcome various needs of our customers either for dining solo or a party, or with family, friends, and co-workers.

Tanto Citta’s commitment

Raw pasta with doughy texture is superb!

Our raw pasta with the finest semolina powder from Italy pairs perfectly with the ingredients and sauce. We welcome you with a variety of menus.

Perfect small plates for wine and meat dishes

Enjoy drinking wine while trying out various small dishes and juicy and savory meat dishes cooked in specific methods suited for each cut of meat.

A wide range of wines to suit each dish

We prepare wines according to the ingredients and the seasoning. Whether to grab a drink by yourself or to party with friends, we are suited for various settings.



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